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Hoedown Bands, What is a Hoe Down?

hoedown bandsWhat is a hoe down?
The actual word “hoedown” is American in its roots. More specifically, it is likely to have originated in America’s mid-west. It is generally believed that the word is a literal derivation of putting a “hoe down”.

It is easy to romanticise visions of the early American farming communities in those wild days of yore. We can well imagine the farmers putting away their spades, scythes and hoes at the end of every long working day in the fields.

We are then left to wonder, if, perhaps on certain evenings, these versatile farmers would replace their farming implements with musical instruments. These special nights would become their regular fun times – with impromptu dancing being creatively performed by the non-musicians and the farmers’ wives and children.

Hay making in those bygone times - could have followed into merry making on certain evenings. These could then have become referred to as their “hoe downs” or “hoedowns”.

All the above may be absolutely factual – or maybe, it is slightly inaccurate with a grain of truth (and grain of wheat) in it.

Nostalgia is possibly playing tricks on memories. Nevertheless, somewhere along the (Mississippi) line and over the years, a hoedown has certainly come to be associated with its origins in America – and represents Americanised music of a certain genre coupled with dancers being taken back in time. What is definitely true and accurate is that the main hoe down and barn dance scene became extremely popular during the 1950’s, in the USA, with the advent of country and western music.

The name today is usually taken to mean a barn dance style dance - with those in attendance wearing cowboy hats, check shirts and jeans: a western theme.

However, as well as being very popular for wild west themed events, the hoe down bands have become just as popular for the likes of wedding receptions, corporate events, birthday parties, proms parties and the like.Because the hoedown music is so entertaining and fun, it’s nearly as enjoyable for attendees just listening to the music and watching the dancers, - as it is for the participating dancers. But if you are able, dare yourself to have a go. You won’t regret it.

The Caller guides you through all the dances. Unlike western square dancing, the hoedown band Caller doesn’t sing the dance moves during the dance. He just merely calls the moves.

An evening of hoe down is NOT usually an acquired taste. The taste is usually acquired on first attendances.